Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loyal Garden Friends!

Loyal Old Garden Friends
Other than weeds, I am not sure there is any plant hardier than the Hosta. They can survive in a landscape with little to no care. Cutting them back, or splitting them up seems to be their only requirement, as they can grow very large. I threw one in the woods once and the following summer it had rooted itself and began to bloom. They provide amazing texture and their colors vary from the deep blue greens, chartreuse, cheery lime greens and some varieties are variegated, lending beautiful contrast to any garden palette. They are members of the lily family and do very well in the shade. In bloom they shoot up sturdy stocks and usually flowering in subtle hues of lavender and some in white. 
I captured this beauty yesterday about to grace the world. She is one of many blooms living on the same plant. I seem to be on a macro toot lately and having loads of fun with my new  camera. Will bring you more photos of this loyal old friend, as my daughter has several varieties around her yard. 
Have a wonderful day!

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lisa said...

I spent the better part of last weekend thinning mine. They are nearly impossible to dig up!!!
Beautiful photograph!

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