Friday, March 18, 2011

Tequila Protocol

This really is one blog that I hope both my adult children read! 

Just to let you know dear ones, we are not bored here in Florida. We have many new friends with many new and interesting skills!
Our friend Gail, taught us how to make tequila slammers the other night. At least, I think thats what she called them. It was a very interesting process and I really need to write the recipe down before I forget. Was it the rubbing of fresh lime sprinkled with salt, then the shot or was it the shot, followed by lime and salt??? I'm sure you two could fill us in! Really, what else do you do when life throws you a fresh lime? You know I don't like to bake!
In any event I only had a couple, never did ask your father how many he had, he did mention that he liked the coconut flavored one the best. I don't think he'll be taking his blood pressure anytime soon, however!  I'm sure he now understands the true meaning of a tequila sunrise. 
Now, now not to worry, we did not drive or even leave the house for that matter. We remain responsible adults and are busy planning our trip to Egypt! Need to have that photo of us riding a camel for our Christmas card this year! Talk to you soon and don't forget to wear your seat-belts. Love & Kisses, Mom & Dad.

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Louisiana Belle said...

Haha, this was cute. Wouldn't you like to see their expressions as they read this?

Love the photo of the bottles.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

lisa said...

Rosemary, you are too funny, and you truly do make me smile. This is WONDERFUL!!!

I wish you a beautiful weekend.


lisa said...

Oooops, I was giggling so much that I forgot to tell you how much I liked your photograph :-)
Beautiful work, and I love those bottles!

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