Friday, March 11, 2011


"When strolling through the garden, If you should chance to see, A ladybug out walking, Please say "hi" for me! For ladybugs are good bugs, They help the garden grow, They will bring you good luck, So always say "hello!"~Author Unknown~
In general insects just freak me out! Anything possessing more than two legs and not domesticated freaks me out even more! If there is a phobia to be had when it comes to anything that slithers, I have it! My first reaction and defense is to scream, always. Not sure there is any kind of cure for this???
I found a snake skin hanging off a brick wall and of course, screamed blue murder. My husband came running, called me a big baby and said, "this means only one thing." What's that I asked, heart still pounding. It means he's gotten bigger! Such a sweet man!
Ladybugs, however just make me smile. From childhood I was always told that ladybugs bring good luck. Look at the little guy above just strolling along! Can you ever imagine being that small? So small that you must dodge raindrops just to move ahead! 
Just a thought!

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Cynthia said...

Not only a beautiful picture, but I love the comments!

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