Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring the Foundation of Hope!

Spring the Foundation of Hope
"The day the Lord created Hope was probably the same day He created Spring."~Bern Williams~
I know that my words must flow this morning to due justice, the importance of this quote!
I do believe Hope to be the foundation of our future and our future, be bleak without it!
Spring be, the perpetual reminder of the universe to insure that we grasp our destiny.
Nature is bursting with anxiety of all that is new and the renewal of all that lay in the state of dormancy!
The rains of Spring, sing a gentle lullaby to awaken the power of nature, nourishing the seeds of hope, fostering new beginnings! Each droplet giving rise to the sun, a reason to shine and make our future bright! Hope, cling, hold on to it, experience new beginnings. What really, do we have to loose?

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