Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Fountain of Youth!

Have You Heard
"We have found the Fountain of Youth." Recently we visited a warm mineral spring here in Florida. Hearing of it's existence several months ago, it has been on our bucket list of places to go. 
Entering the spring was at first a bit ominous, the water is dark yet clear at the same time. There was a distinct smell of sulphur which seemed to disappear after a while. The buoyancy in the water was also quite noticeable. I almost didn't need my noodle. My friend Judy and I then noticed that no one around us was speaking English. Maybe German, Polish or Italian? We later discovered they spoke Russian and that there are a large population of Russian people who live nearby. A very hearty people they laughed much and enjoyed the beautiful day along with us. They came with canes and walkers, skin aliments etc. looking for relief and possibly a cure. A staff member explained that it is very European, to try this type of treatment first, before seeing a doctor.
Two beautiful ladies, deep in conversation, meandered by wearing these colorful hats which added to the flavor of the experience!
Not to shower that evening was the order, to let the minerals sink into the skin overnight for the most benefit. Well I can't say I'll be running laps anytime soon but I feel great, my well earned wrinkles and all!
I was overwhelmed with gratitude that we had the opportunity to visit here. A beautiful day great friends, much laughter and a new experience! How good does it get? 
I couldn't help thinking that we were in the movie Cocoon where a group of trespassing seniors swim into a pool containing alien cocoons, they find themselves energized with youthful vigor. I think I may have just lived it! Can't wait to go back!
Go to http://www.warmmineral for more information.

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hootnonny said...

They SAID they were Russians...but how do you truly know? They could be waiting for a passing space ship.

Louisiana Belle said...

Rosemary, I LOVE those colorful hats and their reflection in the water. Beautiful!!!

Hoot: you're a hoot!

lisa said...

This sounds like a wonderful time, and I am so loving those hats!!!

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