Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just a Sweet Little Flower Garden!

Just a Sweet little Flower Garden
"My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view." ~H. Fred Dale~
I came across this quote today, however it would have been more fitting for yesterday's blog!
A gentle reminder from the universe to keep on trying, learning thru my mistakes and listening to the point of view of others!
Longing for color in my own garden I came across this photo of this darling little oasis. 
It caught my attention walking down a street in Annapolis, Maryland while visiting the Naval Academy, there.
I added a couple of painterly filters, a texture, using the soft light blending mode. 
I would just love to meet the gardner who cultivated such beauty. Looks like she gave these plants the time they required and truly understood their point of view! Wouldn't you just love to sit in that chair???

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lisa said...

Oh, I sure would Rosemary!!
This is truly gorgeous, and I just cannot wait to see some of that color here.
Thank you for giving me a place to dream for awhile!

Louisiana Belle said...

Yes! I would love to sit in that chair. Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden. :)

hootnonny said...

Must have missed this one due to technical issues. What a lovely garden...I do would love to sit in that chair and inhale the beauty!

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