Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Aztecs Loved it Too!

"One of life's simple pleasures, a whole bowl of popcorn to myself"
It recently came to my attention that young people have no idea that popcorn doesn't grow in microwave bags! Checking out in the grocery store a young bagger asked me if that was popcorn in a jar? Yes, I replied. How do you make it, she asked? Wow, wait till I tell my mom, our microwave is broken. Odd but believable! Making my grand-children a snack the other day, we agreed upon the delicate morsels. Grandma, what is that noise? Why are you making it in a pan? Did you open a bag and pour it in? What??? These kids really don't know! OK young ones, it's time for Grandma's ancient recipe! According to Orville: 1/2 cup corn, 3 Tbsp. oil, and a heavy pan, oh and don't forget the stove!

Once again my old friend Google, has helped sort out some interesting facts about this ancient food: 

  • To my amazement microwave popcorn has been around since before I was born! This is probably more information than any of us need to know but....

  • How does this explain the generational gap? Guess I will have to chalk it up to the, generation of instant gratification!!! God, only knows how ticked off I get when my computer is sluggish!!!

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    1 comment:

    lisa said...

    LOL (ancient food)!!!!
    There is nothing like REAL popcorn.
    Fantastic post Rosemary!!

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