Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can't Wait To Be Planted!

Can't Wait To Be Planted
Had ya worried for a second there didn't I? Lets talk about planting as in planting, plants!
I must say gardening here in Florida has it's challenges. The confusion lies in the fact that the weather here is beautiful most of the time! Up north there are seasons and growing flowers is a pretty cut and dry operation. Warm, flowers, cold no flowers, perennials and bulbs pretty much follow suit! I know for sure that many varieties must go thru a freeze to bloom the following year.
Thinking that my house would be in full color all year thru was wishful thinking on my part, to say the very least. Do annuals grow all year? What happens to perennials after they bloom? To add insult to injury they have plants here called Flannuals??? Typical of my personality (a feet first kind of person) I figured I would just plant anything I loved and hope for the best resulting in the most beautiful sand pit you could ever imagine, void of color! I want my green thumb back folks and will keep on trying, almost understanding why my neighbor sticks silk flowers in her garden along with gaudy plastic ornamentation. A true feast for the discerning eye!

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Sharon said...


Cynthia said...

Your yard always looks beatiful to me!

Louisiana Belle said...

Love your zinnias. This made me laugh. I have no green thumb but my garden did pretty well last year despite me. Zinnias were part of the equation and they did well, which earned them several spots in my 365 project. I am not much of a planner either; I end up going to the nursery looking for things that catch my eye. I figure if they sell it around here, it must thrive at some point. Good luck with yours! You're off to a good start with those zinnias.

lisa said...

Gosh Rosemary, I never gave this a thought. I am up north where we experience major changes as the seasons change, and I always thought it might be just fantastic to have warm and sunny most of the year, but i can see how it would be confusing to plants, and to you!!
Such gorgeous flowers!!

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