Thursday, March 17, 2011

Honeybelle & Stitch!

"Disability is simply a matter of one's perception." 
Just when I think I have seen it all, I meet a pirate in the grocery store! Surprised on the brink of being stunned I asked if I could take their picture! Sure you can Missy! Out to the car I go to get my camera! I was so captivated by this gentleman and his parrot that an interview ensued.

He is named Stitch and his parrot, Honeybelle. Stitch owns a store that sells pirate paraphernalia and he entertains at parties. Now it all makes sense, I thought!
Upon his exit, much to my astonishment, I realized that Stitch had only one leg, yes you guessed it, the other was a peg! Now talk about someone using their disability to it's fullest extent!
Attending an art festival I met a paraplegic strapped to his wheel chair, who created the most beautiful paintings holding a paintbrush with his mouth. At another festival I met a woman, with no arms who painted by holding a paintbrush between her toes!
The human spirit has the ability and determination to conquer anything, rising above all of life's limitations.
After observing these courageous souls, how could I ever again find an excuse not to create or even think that  
 I can't!

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Louisiana Belle said...

What an inspiration! I'm impressed that you were brave enough to ask for a photo, then got a bonus interview on top of that! People with physical challenges always inspire and amaze me. Thanks for sharing.

lisa said...

This is a beautiful story Rosemary. How very fortunate you were to have met Stitch and Honeybelle!!

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