Sunday, March 6, 2011

Summer of the Hummingbird!

Summer of the Hummingbird

I took this photo on the back deck of my daughter's house several summers ago. The grandchildren mentioned that their friend had a hummingbird feeder and how much they enjoyed watching them. Knowing that this was a doable and affordable short term realistic goal, off to the store we went. Sometimes Grandma, can be a little like Tim The Tool Man, however. Home we came with three feeders, poles to hang them on, food of different mixtures, flowers and a book to identify the little creatures. 
Hoping that this would not be a short term whim for them we went about creating a hummingbird habitation that no hummingbird could possibly resist.
There were flower boxes on the deck railing apparently in the right colors, they are attracted to more than just red. 
Build it and they shall come and they came! Their brief visits would delight all that watched.
My husband and I left for a brief vacation and upon our return I was ecstatic to learn that the children were charting their visits and even naming some of them. The little guy featured in this photo was called appropriately, Ruby.
We would sit quietly on the deck and they seemed to fear us less and less.
The children wrote a poem in their honor:
Hummingbird, hummingbird what do you see
Hummingbird, hummingbird, come to me
Hummingbird, hummingbird, back to the tree
See you tomorrow, he, he, he
Proving that you can lead little birdies to water and sometimes you can even get them to drink. Hoping to enjoy these delightful little creatures this summer too! Their magic still casting their spell!

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Anonymous said...

I remember ruby!!!! I was thinking of her before I even read the blog! lol wow! thats so cool! lol

lisa said...

Oh, you got me with this one!!
I cannot tell you just how much I love these sweet little ones, nor can I tell you how many times tried (unsuccessfully) to get a photograph of one!
This is just beautiful!

hootnonny said...

Finally, I connected to your blog and have read your posts! This is a sweet pic and story!

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