Saturday, March 26, 2011

Come Sail With Me!

Come Sail With Me
"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship."~ Louisa May Alcott~
My ship's in full sail and I'm still learning how to navigate, jump on, we're going to the Land of Positivity! There may be a storm, but do not fear, together we will sail thru the night over sea, part troubled waters, I fear not thee.~Rosemary Aubut~
Not sure where that one came from but let's go with it! The longer I do this blog, I come to realize that people need to cling onto positive and encouraging thoughts! I started out writing to encourage myself, mostly! I honestly and truly did not think that I could put ink to paper, to blog, and have it make any sense at all. When I hear someone make a comment that they enjoyed my blog that day, whether they laughed, cried or it just made them reflect, I am truly overwhelmed! Especially if it is someone I least suspect! Thank You all for encouraging me!

When our shoulders are laden with blistering woes, our sensitive spirit longing for comfort, sail to the Land of Positivity, find a colorful umbrella there, sit still for a while, enjoy that you be. A ship abandoned does not sail! You may not change the challenges before you, but a different perspective may very well lie in the solitude of the sea! 

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lisa said...

I truly love visiting you here and reading what you write!

Louisiana Belle said...

I agree with Lisa. You have a creative writing mind. Love reading your thoughts. Hope you had a great day!

hootnonny said...

I agree with both. Your words are creative, artistic, and thought-provoking; definitly an innate talent! Keep them and musings.

Anonymous said...

i had to do a project on Louisa Marie Alcott!!

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