Monday, March 28, 2011

Information Superhighway!

Information Superhighway
Alexander Graham Bell's, "electrical speech machine" paved the way for the "Information Superhighway."      ~google search~
Now days do you know any one who does not own a cellphone? I just happen to know such a person. My beloved husband!
The saga all began when his 87 year old father decided to bring his 63 year old son up to speed. Dad has been an enormous advocate for the free cell phone that you have probably seen advertised! I say the company get rid of the TV ads and hire him! He ordered it, tracked it and told us to look in our mailbox because it should be there and low and behold it was!
On "Opening Day" the husband struggled with all of the new and obscure options, display etc. The manual was his alone. How else does one learn!!! Upon returning, from my pool hiatus, he declared that it was all set, let's give it a try. And so we did!
Our land line rang and caller ID came up as, Ethel McArtor. Who the heck was that? After exhausting all of our options, It was time to call out the big guns and relent to the "dreaded tech support." You know the people you yell at because you don't think they understand you! Three continents later, Ethel is still calling.
Now we are not sure if someone simply mixed up the phones and Ethel has his, or if Ethel has met the "Grand Master" of all communication!
I think the latter may be the case, on a daily basis he gets a bible quote sent right to his message box! Absolutely hysterical! How do you explain that one to tech support??? His dad boasts how many minutes he has acquired over the months by not using them, while son is using his up talking to his new friend, Rajah! So if anyone out there knows Ethel, tell her that Will has her phone! In the meantime if Ethel McArtor, comes up on your caller ID, just know it's your old friend, Will! Now be careful, he tends to get a little sensitive if you call him Ethel! Could I make this stuff up, even if I tried!

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Louisiana Belle said...

LOL! Always a treat to come here, Rosemary. Thanks for my morning smile. :)

hootnonny said...

Your life is a hoot. Thanks for sharing it!

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