Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a Splash of Color!

Doesn't this photo look like something that Claude Monet would have tossed out? Sorry Claude, I'll bet everything you created didn't land up in a museum and don't I wish that I had found it with your signature on it! Just cherish that thought!
The Father of Impressionism, I bow to your excellence. Mastering your technique you have allowed us a place for visual content.
 Je ne sais quoi and sacré bleu, Claude!
I think I need to go to the ocean today to recharge my soul and find inspiration for my senses to rejoice once again! Yes I will bring my camera and a pad and pen! Who knows what tomorrow will bring???

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Louisiana Belle said...

Monet is one of my favorite artists! This does look like something he would've done. A fun day at the ocean sounds like the perfect way to revive the soul.

hootnonny said...

You made Monet proud. You have the makings of a couple of books...one humor...one fine art. My daughter gave me a book of my pics printed at Burb. High quality...just what your work deserves.

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