Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Very Sweet Bachelorette!

Bachelorette Party
I really do apologize for the not so good photo. It was taken with my cell phone but I think you get the idea of how darn cute she is! Allicyn's banner reads Bachelorette, you can barely detect a veil, which she wore proudly. A group of us took Allicyn out for a fun dinner at the Waterfront Grill in downtown New Bedford, last evening. She was sitting down the other end of the table, I only got bits and pieces of her conversation, the one thing I heard repetitively was my son's name. Chris, Chris, Chis, music to a mother's ears! 
Grandma here, left about 9:30, my idea of fun is my blankie and the couch! 
The young ones went on to party at several hot spots. All still sleeping, bet there are some great stories, some of which mother's really don't need to hear! 
Beauty, brains, loves to cook and adores my son, what more could a mother-in-law ask??? 

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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Congrats on getting yourself such a beautiful daughter-in-love. :)

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