Thursday, September 29, 2011

Peace Out Mama!!!

Photo Taken at Chris & Allicyn's Wedding, 2011
Recently I received several comments and emails complementing me on my sense of humor!
Making people laugh? Wow, that makes me really happy knowing that I gave someone a really good chuckle! I used to think that it came from my dad but I have to tell you that the vehicle of my birth pictured above is a real character as well! Lately she uses the, old card, when she gets herself in to deep. She is 87 after all!
Let me xplain Lucy!!! Just a few of many short incidents:
Mom went to visit a relative in a psych ward last week. She comes from a generation where if you just feed someone they will get better! So of course she had my brother carry in a large brown bag filled with food. She never made it past security, however, as they found a hammer in the bag! Yes, a hammer, now think about that for a moment...hammer/psych ward! Why a hammer you ask? She was going to have my brother hang a picture later that afternoon!
I asked her if there was an empty bed near the patient?
We flew her down to Florida for a visit last winter, she wanted to bring me kale soup on the plane and was sure the pilot would understand!!! NOT!
She called me all excited one day! Rose, Rose, Obama called me! Deep breath, let's just go with it I thought! What did he want Ma? I'm not sure, I think it has to do with my medications! "Call this number right away" she said, and sooooo I did! Are you ready for this one...... Humana Prescription Services, how may I help you? OK, OK, Obama, Humana, they both have two a's! I can almost understand her confusion!  
During a pelvic exam she asked the doctor if she found any cob webs you know where! 
She refuses to wear glasses because she says she will see it when she gets there!
She stopped taking her heart medication because the bottle said no refills and the pharmacist should have called her! Her meds are now closely monitored. Thank God!

She said my brother went to buy a bureau when in fact he went to a store called Euro! 
At my dad's funeral mass we were at the back of the church standing behind the casket, the priest in front, facing us! Wouldn't you know it, she let one rip!!! We were hysterical as my husband standing behind her gasped out loud. "Put your hands over your face and pretend your crying," I said! Father, had a look of horror on his face. Not sure he knew what was going on. I swear dad gave her a gas pain to help her thru the mass. He always knew how to make her laugh!!! 
She lives in an addition on the side of my sister's house! My sister will be canonized soon, 
I am sure of it!
Yes folks that's my mama! On a daily basis you just never know what you're going to get! 
At 87 I hope I have half her energy, she still cooks up a storm, a gene I did not inherit, she is just so darn cute and would never hurt a fly! 
 My only hope is that the tears she sheds today are those from laughter rolling down her legs!
Her six children, grand-children and great-grand-children love her so! 
Peace Out Mama! From whence I came!

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lisa said...

Oh my goodness, she sounds wonderful Rosemary, and how very lucky you are to still have her with you. I so enjoyed reading this beautifully written post. Thank you for the smiles!

hootnonny said...

Just like box of chocolates, your mama. She sounds like a hoot! And what a beauty she is.

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