Friday, September 16, 2011

It's The Big Day!

Accessories Make The Outfit
So I couldn't find a mother of the groom dress in flannel! Comfort seems to be on my priority list lately. I did find something, borderline comfortable in some sort of silk blend fabric, however. Slenderizing, understated in a dark shade of beigey brown. Perfect for a mother-in-law, and I will definitely look like someone's mother. I even got my son's seal of approval. In lieu of a handbag my camera will be the ultimate accessory. Nice touch don't you think?  Definitely an upgrade from my daughter's wedding where I carried a glue gun in my purse in case anything fell off one of the girl's dresses and I used it! PaPa will be in a tux!
Now that I have described my outfit lets talk about family and weddings and what I have experienced in the past. Below, my cast of characters: 
Uncle Kissy Face; Yes, he will come at me grab my ears and kiss me smack dab on the lips every single time. No matter how I brace myself, hold my breath and manage a smile afterwards, it is always an experience. Have resigned myself into knowing that unless I wear a berka it's just going to happen!
Uncle Dressy Dapper; Yes, Uncle has worn the same leisure suit to every family wedding since 1977. Dark brown with contrasting white stitching highlighting the collar, down the front and around the bottom. Pockets outlined as well! Pearl covered snaps close the deal. Quite the fashion statement and very predictable! He still looks cuter than ever!
Three Aunties, Pomp A Do; Yes, yes you know the type, the family matriarchs, they dance together, their hair perfectly coifed, kind of on the pink side, lacquered down with that bullseye circle of rouge adorning each cheek. Lipstick amiss leaving the perfect imprint on one's cheek. Avon, perfume a bit strong! They are so sweet and always praying for me!
Auntie Needs A Wax; Nothing like getting stabbed with facial hair. Can poke one in the eye if you're not careful! So darn cute whiskers and all!
Cousin Drinks A Lot; You know the type, lands up in the bathroom for the rest of the evening, wishing he had never heard of or met, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels or Jose Cuervo! 
Over the years I have witnessed family members loose, clothes (their pants), dance on tables wearing tutu's on their head, jump out of windows, get lost for hours going round some rotary and yes loose everything in their stomachs that could not be digested quickly enough! 
It is fair to say that there is always a story later to be told, their all mine and I love them so! 
My sweet son is getting married today and we are so happy for him! 
Your dad and I wish for you and Allicyn all the good that life has to offer!
Good people really need to reproduce! OK, so I'm wearing beige but you know it's hard for me to keep the mouth shut! Love MOM 
Where am I going to keep all those tissues??? Might have to bring my snuggy a little chilly today!

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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Haha, your cast of characters made me laugh. Sounds like y'all throw some pretty wild parties, too. I'm sure you look beautiful in your beige outfit; it sounds so sophisticated. Wishing the best for your son and his new bride as they embark on their new life together.

hootnonny said...

Never knew my family was so BORing until I read this post! Sounds like a fun bunch. Love the "look" of white w/touch of, it's white w/touch of blue (shimmer lights!)

I too wish your son and his bride the best of wishes!

.............................. said...

Hi Rosemary, What a funny and entertaining post! After a certain age, comfort becomes the top priority. I am sure your Nikon camera will be the perfect accessory for that new dress.
Your descriptions are very vivid. I can just imagine you with the glue gun in your purse, ready to respond to any emergency with a little dab of hot glue. Your cast of characters is just as hilarious. I feel like I know them all! I hope you have a wonderful time at your son's wedding. I look forward to see the pics!

missing moments said...

Such fun!

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