Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crossing Over!

North to South
This photo was taken yesterday morning somewhere in Virginia, outside of our hotel. It was around 7AM, muggy with a heavy fog blanketing the air. Hubby is a retired railroad engineer and without knowing it we usually find a hotel close to railroad tracks. Had no idea the night before because it was dark, luckily we never heard a train thru the night, thank goodness for that. Kind of says a lot about our hotel budget, doesn't it!
For me the rail crossing symbolizes our crossing over from north to south. Yes, still on this planet, not that kind of crossing over!

This Fall I will miss selecting just the right pumpkin, picking ripened apples, falling leaves and most of all my Mom's delicious Kale Soup. Relying on photos via email or cell phone of the children at Halloween! Old memories etched forever in my heart!
The trade off, warm and sunny days thru winter, no ice nor snow, bobbing in the pool with my colorful noodle, golf, fishing, palm trees, blooming annual flowers around Christmas and full watermelons in January! 

My brain still not totally wrapped around all of these sweet southern changes.
Our beautiful grand-daughter, Sophia is already counting down the days until Christmas when we shall meet again!
Guess we have the best of both worlds and so fortunate to have the health and marginal wealth to enjoy them all! Have a wonderful day!

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Tricia said...

Oh, lucky you! I would love to go from North to South, it's much too cold here for me. My parents went to Florida for a few months last year and loved it there :)

hootnonny said...

Rosemary, I have a nephew who is a railroad engineer! He loves it!
Look forward to following you south.

missing moments said...

Great photo ... road travel photos can always be interesting.

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