Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something Blue!

I love Surprises
When one takes over 500 hundred photos at their son's wedding one must then try and put them into some sort of category.
The above photo wins for the funniest! We were out on the front lawn of the mansion, I was
tagging along behind the pro photographer who I had threatened earlier. I warned him he best not get in my way of a good shot! "It is my son's wedding after all, I proclaimed."
He roared and we bonded. So nice to meet someone with a sense of humor who thought me funny. I am sure I raised a few eyebrows!!! OK, so I let him take the lead!!!
Allicyn was running effortlessly thru the lawn. I know I am more than twice her age but I just kept getting my heels stuck in the grass. I must say that I felt better when I discovered her secret. Chris thought her secret hysterical!
So cute, sweet, funny, adorable, darling and beautiful. So hard to label a photo when you love everyone last one of them. Enjoy!

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Kim Stevens said...

Yes, too funny - I love it!!

missing moments said...

So cute and funny!

Roan said...

Something blue? LOL! Smart girl!

lisa said...

I absolutely LOVE this Rosemary!
Nicely seen and captured.

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Smart girl! Love 'em!!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Love this photo! So fun and funny, plus just beautiful.

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