Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Three Angels of Glory & Tolerance

Things are really looking up...

Tree Top Duty once again! Wonder whose turn it is this year? Gets pretty lonely up there at the top. Gertrude, I think you should do it! No, no never mind Gertrude, your balance seems to be off a little off these days (wine). Mildred, maybe you? No, no, a little heavy on the carbs this year, Mildred (angel cake)! Beatrice, I really do think it should be you! No, no, Beatrice, heard you been running around with some guy named Joe Visa and living pretty high on a borrowed dime!
Really people, we really all need to get along! We all have our faults. Some are excusable and documented with meds and for the rest of us, well, we really need to be kind in the spirit of Christmas, work together and water the seeds of tolerance. Bet all three of these little angels will be at the top this year,

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