Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Congelation nos arrache-pied! (French)

French, such a romantic language...
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I do believe that you can say almost anything in French to a non-bilingual person and it sounds romantic. I do not speak or write the language myself so I am one of those non-bilingual persons! I do have an extremely intelligent friend, however, called Google. Without this trusted old friend this blog would not be possible. I depend on Google for much of my daily activities. I have never asked for anything that Google could not deliver in some way, shape or form. You name it, I've Googled it!
So, I asked my friend Google to translate,
"freezing our buns off" into this romantic language as to not offend any of my proper friends. Since most of our friends are not of the proper persuasion and speak in dialects un-beknownst to "Bostin Propar" I am sure I have offended no one.
I miss you all my
Florida Friends where the sun shines daily, vitamin D is free and seasoned people are in pursuit of early bird specials and savvy waitresses who know enough to write separate checks without asking. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Sitting in these chairs would give new meaning to the words "freezing one's buns off" I am sure!

This photo was taken in my daughter's front yard on a blustery December day just hours ago! Texture courtesy of:

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