Sunday, December 19, 2010

Burroughs House

                                  Days of Old click photo for larger view

This photo was taken of the Burroughs House earlier this month. Meandering thru I couldn't help thinking how it must have been to reside here long ago. Thanks to all the wonderful people who take the time to decorate this lovely lady for the enjoyment of all. Below is a little history from their website.

Walk among live oaks and lush gardens, relax in a rocking chair on the verandah as you watch the river roll gently by....but, first, join Mona and Jettie Burroughs as they share the history and colorful tales of living in one of Fort Myers' oldest homes - The Burroughs Home.   Built in 1901, this Georgian Revival Mansion was the scene of many social events that hosted the Fort Myers' elite including the Edisons, Fords, and Firestones.  Antique furnishings, historical artifacts, and delightful tales of growing up as the privileged daughters of wealthy businessman Nelson Burroughs and his wife Adeline await visitors who want to take a step back in time.
The Burroughs Home has come alive once again under the management of Uncommon Friends Foundation...............

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