Monday, December 13, 2010

Creative Seasons!

                               Father Christmas click photo for larger view
This is a photo of one of my hand-sculpted Santa's.  He lives in a plastic bin most of the year and makes his yearly debut just after Thanksgiving Day.

For many years I collected beautiful fabric remnants from my family's upholstery business, hunted down all sorts of trinkets, old costume jewelry, visited many second hand shops for pieces of handmade lace and tattered fur coats beyond repair to make just one and loved every minute of it.

Creating something from nothing is probably my most favorite things to do, giving life to discarded objects while fully realizing that most of the fun is always in the hunt of treasure.

Selling them was bitter sweet as I had a story for every fabric and embellishment. When I decided to stop my obsession with my elaborate collections it took me two years to part with my treasured, treasures. It was a season in my creative life.

These days I just point and shoot it seems to fit the age and also the stamina!

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