Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Pretty Official!

Looking Pretty Official
Had loads of fun with this photo! My daughter received an Orchid Plant from one of her lovely employees. It spoke to me in remembrance of the sweetness of spring.

I took some photos of the plant against a white door, loaded the photos into the computer, choose my favorite, opened it in photoshop, proceeded to crop and manipulated the background, filled it in with a matched color, tweaked the flowers themselves with different filters and blending modes, found and added a beveled border, added some textures, love the linen look, and then added text, Orchid. I then flattened the image and decided to try a black border! Wow, try doing that again, Rose.

All the while tuning out almost anything relevant to life itself! Breathing is one of those involuntary functions, thank goodness! I have truly found my passion and time seems to have very little significance. Even my growling stomach gets ignored. Photoshop might  even become a great weight loss tool as well. (he, he)

I am so grateful to have the time and a wonderful, supportive but hungry husband who has always endured my creative whims.

This photography passion however, is not a whim, I've made it official, Rosemary Aubut, Photography.
 I Believe it, own it, and love the look and sound of it!
Life, what an incredible journey!

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Anonymous said...

lol i love the hehe's!

hootnonny said...

Stunning! Can't wait to see what you do next! Betty

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