Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow, from an Old Person's Perspective!

Baby it's Cold Outside!
Nothing screams cold more to the senses than snow! You can touch it, if you dare! The sheer sight of it makes one shiver! You can taste it as long as it's not yellow. It falls so silently you can almost hear it, unless accompanied by howling winds. You can even try to smell it, if your nostrils don't freeze up first.

My husband and I moved to Florida to escape the perils of this atmospheric phenomena. Upon visiting, up North, for the Holidays we never seem to escape at least one major encounter with our old friend, Snow. The Governor has even declared a State of Emergency, this time.

On the positive side, snow is beautiful to witness upon it's first fall. The landscape is covered in a blanket of the fluffy white stuff with occasional footprints of a stray animal looking for food or shelter.

Now, children, they always seem to know what to do when it snows. Building forts surrounded by snow families, molding snow-balls and hurling them as far as they can, sledding, snowboarding etc., etc., all the while, noses dripping, rosy red cheeks, snow encrusted mittens, shinny coat sleeves and barely moving in the armor of clothes it takes for them to venture outside. All this and only a cup of hot chocolate to make them warm again.

Oh! To be a child again......Nah, think we'll fly back to Florida, give true meaning to the phrase snow-birds, toast and be thankful to the sun gods!

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