Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Flower For You!

Happy Birthday
"A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend."~Author Unknown~
Happy Birthday, to my very sweet daughter today. She has grown into a beautiful young woman and has blessed our family with three gorgeous, grand-children. Kathy, owns her own business and employs twenty three women. With the support of her husband Brian, who also owns his own business, they are a very busy young couple. 
Living with them in the summer when we come up north to Massachusetts, caring for the grand-children our focus during school break. 
Daughter, sweet daughter, we are proud of what you have accomplished and most proud of how you treat others with respect, having sacrificed much to insure their well-being. 
Not sure I could ever run in your shoes but having fun watching the race! 
I will probably get a post out tomorrow AM, not sure after that. Awaiting the arrival of the unwelcome guest, IRENE. We are on the east side of the predicated storm and flooding a huge concern here. We are safe and far enough away from the water, however loosing our power almost a certainty! Will try to remain positive and hope for the best. Off to buy hurricane food today, it always amazes me that milk and bread sell out first! 
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Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

A beautiful capture, Rosemary.

I will keep you in my thoughts this weekend and truly hope you stay out of harm's way.

hootnonny said...

Here we go again Rosemary! Today is my son's fortieth birthday! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Hope Irene takes the high road and goes out to sea before getting to you or anyone else!

missing moments said...

Such a nice tribute to your daughter. Irene is marching towards us here in Philly.
Hoping we don't lose power!

Sara said...

Beautiful capture and texture work! Your words to your daughter are so lovely and beautiful!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Hope you were spared Irene's wrath. :/

Tara said...

Gorgeous capture and what a nice tribute to your daughter!

lisa said...

What a beautiful post Rosemary!

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