Friday, August 26, 2011

True Craftsmanship!

"True Craftsmanship lies in the details."~Rosemary Aubut~ 
I took this photo yesterday at the home of one of my brother's clients. 
Jim, is the youngest of six and started to work for our dad at the age of fourteen after school. He took over dad's business at the tender age of twenty, that was twenty eight years ago. 
He was just a natural for the trade and dad always encouraged his talent. He has grown the upholstering business, works with many clients and decorators as well. 
Tavares Upholstering Company, is approaching it's sixty year anniversary in the very near future. 
Jim, graciously asked me to photograph some of his work for advertisement that he places in several magazines. 
The beautiful chair above is covered in a silk blend fabric and the cushion filled with down. Impeccably handcrafted, a true work of art. Our sister Terry, also works for Jim, she runs the custom drapery end of the business and also a perfectionist.
Jim's, oldest son Josh is now working with his dad and doing the business and his dad proud! Three generations of true craftsmanship. Great job guys and gals! 
Ha, Ha, I get to do the fun part and still boss you guys around, as only a big sister can!!! 
Now move that chair closer to the bed! Pleassse! 
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Matteo Taffuri said...

have a nice weekend

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

That is beautiful work on that chair! And you did an excellent job photographing it.

hootnonny said...

Wonderful craftsmanship! The colors are lovely and you captured it beautifully!

lisa said...

How wonderful that the business is still in the family Rosemary! He obviously does some really beautiful work, as this chair is absolutely gorgeous.
Be safe this weekend. Will be thinking of you.

Daena said...

The lighting is unbelievably beautiful in this photo. I can look at it forever!

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