Friday, August 19, 2011

Out On The Town!

Unitarian Church
"Jesus! but I had a narrow escape. Suppose you had gone into humor instead of oil, where would I be?"~letter to Henry H. Rogers, 13 July 1905~ 
I grew up in the town of Fairhaven, MA, back in the fifties and sixties. Fairhaven is a beautiful little seaside town nestled between New Bedford and Fall River, located in the southeastern part of the state. 
Henry Huttleston Rogers grew up in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. I always knew of him and his generosity to the town. I also knew of the Mark Twain connection, but not to what extent. Rogers and Twain were the best of friends, Rogers saved Twain from financial disaster. 
We enjoyed a ninety minute narrated walking tour yesterday with our friends, Judy and John. It is amazing that you can live in a town most of your life and have only an inkling of it's rich history. 
The tour was extremely informative and the guide passionate about his mission. The above photo is that of the Unitarian Church, one of the many ornate buildings Rogers had designed and bequeathed to the town in memory of his beloved mother. 
A walk on the hurricane dike across the harbor followed by a delicious dinner finished our day and what a beautiful day it was! 

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Barb said...

Sounds like a very fun day! your photo and processing are gorgeous - that sky is stunning!

hootnonny said...

So dramatic, almost looks eery

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