Monday, August 29, 2011

After The Storm!

A Bit Tattered
Mary, Mother of the Arch Angels, power loss for not more than ten seconds, with lights blinking throughout the morning. Mr. Electric, letting us know how very important he is! 

Many others not so lucky in the area.
A couple of trees down in the backyard away from the house. Branches scattered about, a small price to pay, considering the devastation elsewhere. 
Thankful, cleanup starts as soon as daughter and son-in-law return from Aruba. 
Irene, just a big bully here in our neck of the woods.
Somehow this sweet butterfly survived the storm, ravenous, as she sat atop this coneflower for quite a while. Looking a bit tattered and weary she flew off to seek sustenance elsewhere. Can you see the very small worm resting on the flower petal as well? 
As far as hurricanes go, the one the older folks still talk about here is the !938 Hurricane. 
Weather predicting in those days not available, my mom and her sister walked two miles home from school in the pouring rain, jumped over downed wires, laughing as the wind pushed them about. She was fourteen and her sister thirteen.
 Be still my heart, they must have had a fleet of guardian angels around them.
Over six hundred people were lost in that storm, according to mom. 
Glad we were only taunted this time around and grateful for all the media coverage and fair warning. 
Have a wonderful day!

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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

What a pretty little survivor! Glad you all are okay and sustained minimal damage.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I know some are saying all the hoopla was overdone regarding the hurricane coverage, but I'm glad that you all had the heads up you needed to stay safe. :)

lisa said...

I am so glad everything was okay in your area Rosemary, and this photograph is just gorgeous!

lisa said...

Did not realize that you'd linked up at The Creative Exchange When I was here before! Thank you so much for doing so Rosemary!

Anki said...

Your photo is very nice!

Kaya said...

That is amazing that this beautiful butterfly survived the storm. I hope that everybody is safe and everything is ok.

That is one amazing macro. So colorful and so beautiful. Love everything in this wonderful picture; flower is so gorgeous and butterfly is such a beauty and very touching.

Absolutely fascinating photograph!!!!

K Soucy said...

So pretty, I am such a fan of cone flowers and butterflys too!

Linda Jane Makiej said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Nayana said...

glad to hear that you are safe and pic is so beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Three survivors here - it's amazing what these little creatures can go through (flora included). This is a beautiful capture!

hootnonny said...

Glad yall weren't devastated by Mean Ilean. Your image is telling of drama she caused!

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