Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where Are My 3D Glasses?

"Echinops stems from the Greek words “echinos,” which means “sea urchin” or “hedgehog,” and “ops”, appearance, referring to the spiny flower heads."~google search~ 
Not the clearest shot I have ever taken, but I was quite enamored with the 3D affect, that was accidentally captured for sure. Can you imagine it too? A camera with a 3D lens, now that would be an interesting invention for everyday use! 
I love how thistle adds texture to a garden. Considered by some to be a roadside weed, thistle is really quite lovely mixed with other perennials. They dry beautifully, but one must be careful when cutting as they are very prickly to the touch. 
Nothing really profound today, just a pretty picture with a very happy bee, minding and going about her business! 
Have a wonderful day! 

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Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

A lovely capture, Rosemary. There is alot of depth to this photo. :)

Henrietta said...

3D lens has been invented but I don't what kind of pictures you can have with it. That is beautiful shot and I don't think that is a weed. It really gives nice structure to flower bed and color is beautiful.

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