Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Tutorial!

Just a Couple of Things To Share
I created the photo above by using the antique effect in IPHOTO a Mac program. I then transfered it to photoshop for, cropping, borders. sizing and saving for the web. KInd of looks like I used several textures, something new and easy. 
A couple of things I would like to share with my blogging friends who may already know these google features but for those who don't, enjoy. 
1. Playing around the other day on the design page of my blog, I noticed the Favicon box above the navbar, top left. I uploaded a photo just to see where it would publish. An error came up and said that it was not square. So I sized a photo square, low and behold I now have my own initials before my blog url in the address bar, instead of the blogger, orange B. Not such a big deal but just a little personal touch and easy to do. 
2. Click on the Title top left of my photo (Blog Tutorial!), see where this brings you!!! I find this feature very exciting and a whole new way to view my posts. Type /view after your url, eg, place your url in the link box under your title when creating your post. Finally figured out what this link box does. Actually you can place any link here to any site you wish.
If it does not work go to, new post>settings>formatting and click yes on, Enable Dynamic Views, this may be a default setting already in place for you. Next click on Site Feed near Settings tab, make sure Allow Blog Feeds, says Full. Again this could be a default setting. I love this feature and you can enjoy your blog as a sidebar along with several other options located in the teal drop down box. 
Thanks, Mr. google you will always keep me on my toes, so much more to learn!

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lisa said...

This is so cool Rosemary!!
Thank you for sharing, and your photograph here is wonderful.
Do you know, I have iPhoto, and have never even opened it????
Guess I know what I am going to devote some time to this weekend!!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Nice job! I keep forgetting about dynamic views. So cool. The favicon feature does not work for me in Chrome. :/

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Beautiful photo, Rosemary, and thanks so much for the Blogger tips. :)

missing moments said...

Cool! thanks for sharing that Rosemary ... now to find the time to do!

hootnonny said...

I do comprehend and appreciate your beautiful image; however, Mr. Google needs to draw me a picture!

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