Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sit & Rest A While!

Sit Back A While
"Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way." ~Douglas Pagels~
Isn't this what silence looks like? Can you hear the birds chirping? Can you smell the sweet aroma of the flowers? Can you feel the chipped paint on the wooden arm of this adirondack chair? Can you taste the freshness of the morning dew? 
I took this photo rather haphazardly the other day, after a little cropping and some layering, I was quite pleased with the way this simple little image spoke to me. 
This chair lives in my daughter's front yard, away from all the hustle and bustle that life has to offer. Just a nice little place to rest and enjoy what the abundant rains of spring have brought forth. A place to rejuvenate the senses, reflect and spend some time with the most important person in your life! You! 
Have a wonderful day!
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Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

This is such a beautiful shot, Rosemary. I would love to sit in that chair and just relax for a few minutes.

I love your new header too! :)

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I can absolutely imagine sitting there with a book and glass of tea. Beautiful setting.

Henrietta said...

I like it very much, I could sit there and watching what is going on. I love the design of the chair, they seem to be very common in USA but not here.

For the Love of a Cottage said...

A very tranquil place full of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Jo Caulkins let me to your site and I've enjoyed every moment. I, too, consider myself a photoholic and love your quote at the top of your page! You inspire me to learn more about enhancing my photos! I'm limited to cropping, red eye reduction and color enhancement.
Please tell us what that gorgeous flower next to the chair is!!!
Thanks for starting every one of my days with beauty and inspiration!
Susan in Carefree, AZ

hootnonny said...

Would love to be sitting in that chair surrounded by flowers reading a book or just day dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Lovely....very calm and tranquil. I could sit in that chair all afternoon! :)

Pieces of Sunshine said...

A very inviting scene, encouraging time to sit and savour.

lisa said...

Would love to just sit here for a while Rosemary!
This is a beautiful photograph, and as always, your posts are wonderful.

Thank you for sharing both this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Pat said...

What a lovely, inviting image!

Donna, The Decorated House said...

I can hear the birds singing, and the flowers growing. So relaxing.

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful place to land!

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