Friday, July 15, 2011

The High Road!

The High Road
"Taking the high road is usually not the easy one to take or the most popular. The low road seems to offer instant satisfaction. It may seem better for the moment, but if you compromise you principles and your integrity, it will always end up costing you far more in the long run."~Billy Cox~
When you can look yourself in the mirror with honesty, lay your head down to sleep with a clear conscience, you have truly found the recipe for peace. Dragged down by others may lead you down a low road, it is a road of unhappiness and despair. You may need this road for a short while to regurgitate your feelings, please don't stay to long as the buzzards will be sure to find you. Find an exit or short cut to a higher road as soon as possible making sure it is not a rotary, you will miss the bridge every time.
Arriving on the high road you will find overhead signs that read, peace, integrity, principles, morals etc. You will know that you are headed in the right direction, never to be lost again. Successfully leaving that dark road of despair, you might want to send others left behind a text message, help them find their way! Looking into the mirror of tranquility is a wonderful reflection to behold! A reflection I wish to have a rippling affect without throwing a stone.

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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

What a beautiful swan. Love what you wrote about the high road vs the low road. So true. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I'm trying desperately to catch up on blogs and Flickr!

missing moments said...

so true so true ... the swan is so lovely!

Kim Stevens said...

Beautiful photo, and words and I love that last sentence!

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