Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health, Healing, Inspiration!

"Yarrow flowers are often thought to represent health, healing and inspiration. Many people give these blossoms as gifts to symbolize their concern for the recipient’s well-being, or to help them find joy and illumination in their lives."~google search~
Walking the beach with my husband and camera in hand the other evening we came upon these lovely yarrow flowers. I had cultivated them for many years in my garden in shades of yellow and pink. Tall and lanky they grew, sometimes several feet high. Always generous with bloom lending interesting texture and color to the garden. 
Considered an herb with medicinal qualities there is also a great deal of Greek folklore attached to them. Google yarrow, you will be amazed.
Never noticing them in the wild before especially on the beach amongst the grasses, beach plum, with their feet in sand. Mother Nature, herself, keeps on lending me the ability to really see all that I have missed. There is so much more to discover thru the lens of my camera! 
I send to you a kind bouquet of their symbolism, Health, Healing and Inspiration. 
Have a wonderful day my friends!

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Kim Stevens said...

Hi Rosemary, hmmm I had no idea yarrow would grow by the beach! And now you have peaked my interest, I'm off to google it! : )

Have a great day! Kim

Butterbean Row said...

Hi Rosemary,

I love yarrow and tried to start some with seed this summer. The directions said to just lay the seeds on top of the soil. Well nothing ever germinated...suspect the birds got to them. flowers.

Leontien said...

I had the same thing happening like butterbean! nothing!

it was a bit disapointing i must say.

Great post and i hope to come here more often!

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