Saturday, July 16, 2011


Look At That Face
If it looks like a pig, call it a dog??? OK, so it really is a dog, but try to understand my confusion!  Max is a 95 pound pure bred, Albino Boxer. I first met Max at the age of nine weeks, that was ninety pounds ago.
 I asked my daughter why she bought the kids a pig? Not kidding! His pink skin shows thru his fur to this day! Max is now almost three years old and for the most part still thinks he is a puppy. He loves to clean his teeth by chewing on cardboard or anything paper for that matter. Jumping on me, trying to give me one of his great big sloppy wet doggy kisses, his favorite past time. I swear he carries a gallon of drool in each one of those droopy jowls! 
Max, rules his world within the confinement of a electrified fence that surrounds the property. He is fiercely protective of his domain and family. A coyote made the mistake of meandering into the yard a couple of weeks ago. Max, attacked with all his strength, the coyote left limping and $500.00 worth of vet visits ensued for Max.  Do you think we need doggy healthcare? 
Just a few words to describe this canine from Granda's point of view: loyal, large, gassy, gluttonous, noisy, loving, sweet and protective, IQ questionable. 
I trip over this animal at least once a day, he takes the liberty of resting anywhere and everywhere, his 24 inch legs always extended. He just lifts his head, gives me the look and lays back down, sighing! If dogs could talk! 
I think grandma has fallen for this big swine like creature who dares to impersonate a dog! He loves my children, keeps them safe and is part of the family, what more could a grandma ask!!! 
Oink, Oink Maxie, grammy loves you!!!

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Butterbean Row said...

I love Mr. Piggy! He is just so cute. Your descriptions of him made me laugh.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Beautiful photo of Max, Rosemary. A dog who protects and loves his family is a valuable dog indeed. :)

lisa said...

How could one not love that face???
Max is adorable Rosemary, and he sound likes a wonderful big guy!
Love this photograph!

missing moments said...

gotta love him ... protecting his family!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Oh my goodness, he's adorable! I have never seen an albino dog before! Precious!!

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