Monday, July 25, 2011

The Grand Painter!

"As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life."~John Lubbock~
Trying to live up to this quote by introducing you to yet another coneflower along with several filters and textures creating an artistic feel. Digital art is my medium of choice and the possibilities are endless.
I can't imagine my life without flowers, nor can I imagine my life without art in any medium. 
When I can bring flowers into permanent fruition thru my creative skills in any form, it is truly a marriage made in heaven. 
So please Mr. Sun, continue to color the flowers so that we may enjoy, bringing art to all those who choose to view what you have truly mastered! 
Have a wonderful day!

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lisa said...

Grand indeed Rosemary! This is just beautiful. I do love photography, but I also love what can be done with the images. So many choices, so little time!!

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great day!


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

So lovely! I enjoy seeing what you create next with your textures!

missing moments said...

The work on this image is quite lovely...great job!

Linda Makiej said...

Really terrific work here.... :)

Rosie said...

This is really beautiful - I love the angle and also your processing!

hootnonny said...

Love the point of view! Awesome editing!

Hope said...

looks as though its doing a little dance.. beautiful capture and editing.

Anonymous said...

i love coneflowers, you captured it well and I loooove the way you post processed!! love it!

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