Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take the First Step!

First Step
"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
~Martin luther King~

What possibly lurks beyond this window? Why do we fear looking beyond what comforts us? Why is it that some are comfortable in public forums, while others need a machine to speak their voice? Some can dance on life's' stage while others can dance only in the rain. Are the shadows of fear ambushing our potential? Why do we give a four letter word, fear, so much respect?

"A first step in the souls' calling, giving more respect to the unknown, may just reap the consequence and ramifications of sweet success! Lifting ones potential, taking a more confident next step, no matter what impedes our journey." 
~Rosemary Aubut~

Wow, where did all that come from? Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, for inspiring me!

On a lighter note: We had a blast Saturday night, along with some dear friends,
enjoying the newly renovated River District, in downtown, North Fort Myers. There were hundreds of people reaping the benefits of the mild weather, great food and lively music.

We meandered into a new, Art Mall, featuring different artists and designers, a feast for the eyes, leading to calgon moments. I saw the window featured in this blog leaning against a wall, ever so discrete. So beautiful, I could hardly take my eyes off of it! I had to feel its' texture and of course take a picture. Would have loved to have seen, the house from whence it came.
Little did I know then, it would become an inspiration piece for my designing mind????? 

Photoshopped the heck out of it. Added some yummy textures (not sure who they belong to, sorry) and playing around with some lighting filters. Another one of those, Cracker Jack Moments!

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