Monday, January 3, 2011

The Journey!

                              The Journey click photo for larger view
So there we were, standing in line amongst a flock of, Gray Haired Pop Bellied Snow Birds, on there yearly migration south for warmth and certainly not breeding purposes. Please understand, that I fully realize we fit right in with this crowd, only difference being I have chemically altered locks and my husband, most of his hair. We did not stand out!

The children brought us to the airport, which is about a one hour ride from their home. The plan was to enjoy the day in Boston, at the Sea Aquarium, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, ice sculptures, etc., after the airport drop off.

On the ride up I noticed a deadening silence in the car, upon further observation I noticed everyone engaged with their new electronic gismos. My son-in-law thankfully was focused on the black diamond trail of traffic.

This just can't be, I thought, so my solution to the silence was to sing a song! I could just feel their eyes rolling from the back of my head. Pick a song, I announced and no one responded. You pick one grandma, was bellowed from the back seat. In that moment of panic I realized, I only know all the words to, Happy Birthday by heart. I know some of the words to 99 Bottles of Beer, and can usually chime in without notice, but there wasn't enough time for that one. So, Happy Birthday it was. Luckily the little one's birthday is at the end of the month and we won't be there to celebrate, so let's sing it now. Good cover up!

Well that took about a minute and the radio was immediately turned on and we were serenaded the rest of the way by some music genre, called hip-hop! UGH!!!

Just before drop off the 11 year announced she lost a tooth. Now this should be old news to an 11 year old, but the tooth would be placed under her pillow that evening, in wait for a tooth fairy pick up.
Well you guessed it, the grand-fairies paid up!

This photo was taken about 30,000 feet up, from my window seat. Just breathtaking. I added a texture for a little more interest!

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Anonymous said...

ROSE, when I saw this picture I immediately thought of psalm19:1... The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the works of His hands.Awesome huh?...Great job! He's in every masterpiece as the greatest artist that ever lived! May God bring you to new heights in the depths of His love for you! Love Terry

- Terry (Sis)

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