Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keeper of Memories!

I found this interesting little box at one my favorite magical places. It is staffed by the elderly who volunteer their time and the proceeds are donated to Hope Hospice. Such a noble and worthy cause!

Since retirement and my new home I have vowed not to clutter my surroundings with anything that I did not absolutely love.
One of my passions is to give new life to old pieces or to create something new and interesting from discarded objects. It is difficult for me not to fall back into old habits.
This box, however, just sang out to my senses and it had to be mine! Love at first sight and the price was right! It's value or age holds no significance for me. The top is rough and the insides covered in velvet, well used. If this box could only talk, I thought!
I have had many ideas on how to resurrect this object and somehow it remains the same. Maybe it is just meant to be?
Did it hold someone's jewelry, or perhaps a lock of a child's hair or maybe even a lost first tooth. it stimulates and provokes thought and imagination every time I look at it. Therefore a very worthy and sensible acquisition! 

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