Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nuclear Soup!

Can't make this one look pretty!

Did you ever laugh so hard that your tears roll down your legs? ~ANONYMOUS~(Explain Lucy). I walk with my friend Cynthia, we are kindred spirits, so to speak. She is a running coach for  4000 people online. Lucky for me she lives 1000 feet away. God, really does have a sense of humor, knowing full well that I am a confirmed couch potato! We walk about fifteen miles per week and I think I offer her some sort of comic relief or at least a challenge of monumental proportions.
We are 24 hours apart in age, have a great deal in common and never seem to be at a loss for words...

She has me on this energy drink certified by Dr. Oz, himself. On day three, I have to say that it is really working. 
She shared with me her healthy pea soup recipe. (ginger, spinach, potato, cumin, etc., a little different than we are used to.) Just heat it all up throw it in the blender and stir in some plain yogurt. Easy and oh so delicious!
I am of the philosophy that if it’s good for you it doesn’t matter what it taste like, (as long as it’s not raw) I can get it down. But now I had to get it by the husband. The grocery store brown bagged my purchase. God, forbid he see the ingredients, it would have been all over from the start.
People that know me will speak of my talents but you never hear them brag about my cooking! The basics are not a problem, we have survived four decades of marriage and two healthy young adults.
Once heated I poured a large portion into the blender. Mistake! The small plastic part of the lid started to pulsate, blew up in the air and somehow landed back in the blender! Grind, clunk, grind, clunk #!#+*. The noise was horrible. Lucky for Kermit in the other room I was able to salvage the remaining portions. The texture was beautiful and the color a little nuclear.
I assured him that it would be delicious, just like his mother’s. Well, the look on his face after the first bite just said it all. Kind of like watching the Titanic sink, if you know what I mean! 
I suggested a little cheese and he really was trying to be polite! "What was that noise," he asked? "If you bite into anything really crunchy don’t swallow," I said. After a few more bites he reminded me of my healthy chicken soup, the one where you added so much rice the spoon stood up in the middle of the bowl! How about those healthy cookies, do you remember those? The ones where all our friends said it kept them regular for days. Yes, "I remember," now laughing so hard I could hardly contain myself!
Well Kermit, finished his bowl of soup and is now ribbiting in front of the TV. You know, “It’s not easy being green.” Looks like the welcome wagon may be visiting your home soon!

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Anonymous said...

lol, wow that was realllyyyyy funny, my mom was in tears! i love how u called him kermit!i could only picture the look on Uncle will's face!

Cynthia said...

I was laughing so hard I cried. I could just see it!

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