Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Born with a Silver Spoon!

                               Born with a Silver Spoon click on photos for larger views
 “How can hope by denied when there is always the possibility of an American flamingo or a roseate spoonbill floating down from the sky like pink rose petals?”
    ~Terry Tempest Williams~
This exquisite bird has the grace of a ballerina and the silly antics of a hyperactive three year old child. To watch one fly is mesmerizing and to watch it forage for food is amusing. 
I don't know much about bird watching but I do know, that if I never saw a particular bird up north it is probably tropical! Words of a true novice!

I can identify a few of the Heron, Egret and Sand Hill Crane, species. 
All wonderful to watch but the Roseate Spoonbill eluded me for a very long time.
While visiting the Corkscrew Sanctuary in Naples, Florida I was able to get a few great shots of this beautiful but fidgety creature. I have about thirty blurred shots and then resorted to the sports mode on my camera.
At first I thought  they were Flamingos, they are similar in size and color. 
An easy way to distinguish them, think of them as a Flamingo who has just had a mammogram. Now you won't forget that one will you ladies! Don't forget to have your mammogram either!!!
As for that silver spoon, they truly are royalty and I forever their paparazzi. 

The Flamingo below. Very different! These photos were taken at the San Diego Zoo.

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