Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monarch Butterflies!

Monarch Butterflies
In general, monarch butterflies residing in the northern regions fly southward before the temperature turns cold and intolerable. Migration of monarch butterflies begin before the arrival of frost (prospective month, August). With the arrival of warm months in the North, they fly northward and spend the summer months there. The North migration of monarch butterflies is observed in the spring time.~buzzle.com~

Florida part time residents have been called Snow Birds, for many years. A  light hearted term that describes senior residents who escape the bitter cold of winters north for about three to four months.
I think that the Florida Department of Tourism, really needs an ad campaign to attract longer term residents (nine months) and call them, Monarch Butterflies. These little guys instinctively know when it's time to fly south and safe to go back north.
 After listening to the grueling temperatures from the north, this week, I'll bet there will be a few more Monarchs, residing in Florida, next year.
Try to keep warm my northern friends and listen to the flutter of butterfly wisdom!

Textures by Jerry Jones.

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1 comment:

hootnonny said...

Come on up to the Carolinas and be half-backs. That are northerners who go to Florida, then move half-way back. There are many in my county and many who are here for just the right number of days to be Florida residents!

Your monarch is lovely.

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