Sunday, January 2, 2011


Photo # 1a. Friendships click on photo for larger view

On my list of things to do this new year, organization came in somewhere around the bottom.  Being somewhat of a dyslexic nature I decided to start there and work my way up. Categorizing my friends for once and for all seemed a reasonable task.

Just sum them all up, label a box and store it on some empty shelf in the useless information department of my brain, could work. 
There have just got to be some fuzzy unused cells in there screaming for more data!
OK, back to the business of categories. I believe there are two major categories with many subtitles defined under each! Not as tidy as I would have liked!
1. Old Friends: These people are kind of like, old worn out slippers. Very comfortable to be around under any circumstances. One could say that a bodily function could slip and everyone would just continue on, without blinking an eye. Potty talk is not polite but acceptable.These friends are rare.
They are usually:
1. A. supportive, understanding and non-judgemental  
B. blah, blah, blah, you know the type

2. New Friends, or acquaintances are tentative future, old friends, in bootcamp training. You are on a: going out to eat basis, socializing in public places and remaining polite and reserved at all times. This can prove to be  exhausting but necessary. These people must prove worthy of any future indiscretions.

They are usually:

A. sociable and easy to converse with (you have common ground)

B. Don't forget their wallets

C. Seem somewhat interested in your issues (polite word for problems)

So just when I thought I had this task all sewed up, along come these two. (pictured in photo 1a. above)

I had to create a whole new category! Most exhausting!

You know, there are some gray areas in life where certain people just don't fit the mold. I decided to call this category the, Blender Friends Category. Defined by the fact, that they are new friends, but possess all the characteristics of old friends. 

They usually:

A. make you laugh until you cry

B. have an app on there cell phones for rude body sounds

C. just plain old, love to have fun

D. are void of judgement

E. control not necessary (flexible)

 Lest anyone think this rendition a little odd, just note that prior to this Blog, I read the directions on the back of a Jello Box and completed the task without injury. Unfortunately, I threw the box away and can't remember how long it takes to cook!

I have more incriminating photos of these two to share! Stay tuned folks!

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