Friday, January 14, 2011

Cartagena, Columbia


We were fortunate enough to take a Panama Canal Cruise, a little over a year ago with some dear old friends.
Cartagena, Columbia, was a port that we visited on our way back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I have many pictures of this port but this one always stood out to me. It just represents everything texture.
At the time I had Photoshop installed on my computer but never used it due to intimidation. Since I have learned how very important textures are to the world of photography, I just seem to see them everywhere. I love the simplicity and contrast of the wispy palm against the weathered masterpiece which adorned the side of an old prison courtyard.
Somehow I will try to incorporate this texture into a future montage and do it proud. 
There is art everywhere just waiting to happen!

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