Monday, May 27, 2013

Venice, Italy!

Sail-in Venice, view from Deck 10
Sail-in Venice, view from Deck 10
Sail-in Venice, view from Deck 10
Sail-in, Venice, view from Deck 10

George, master glass blower....

Island of Burano

Maria making lace on the Island of Burano...

Painted houses on the Island of Burano....

We arrived in Venice, Italy, Sunday, May 26, 2013. First morning photo, 11:45AM. The day was gorgeous, bright, sunny, in the mid sixties. A great day for touring. A light jacket just in case. Venice is an archipelago, of one hundred and five islands and each has a church of it's own. It is nicknamed, The Queen of the Adriatic Sea.
We booked a tour to the islands of, Murano and Burano. Murano famous for glass blowing and Burano for lace making and it’s brightly painted houses. 
We first enjoyed a sail-in narration by the tour director of Holland America, Tom. Tom, explained the history, architecture and many facts that pertain to this magical city. It is one of the most beautiful sail-in ports, of all that I have ever seen, Tom said. I could not agree more. We secured railing space on the tenth deck. The view from this height incredible. Tom’s narration could be heard through out the ship. 
My being was in harmony with my creative soul. My passion for beauty and the genius of the creator now satisfied. Venice is the fiber of canvas, a painting that lives and breathes. I have now witnessed the genius of man.
Overwhelmed by it’s beauty, people just starred without saying a word. Spell bound and gripped into the moment. My curiosity and sense of adventure now on high alert!
We had lunch and then our tour began at 2:30PM. We took a water bus to the island of Murano. Francesca was our guide. It was so cool cruising on a small boat, looking at Venice from a different perspective.
There we enjoyed a master glass blower, George. George is seventy four and a true artisan. Murano glass is truly beautiful and it takes years to learn the process. 
We then motored to the Island of Burano, famous for lace making and watched Maria turn simple thread into fine art. There is a great deal of skill combined with patience to create one small item. Very labor intensive. Maria truly loves her craft. The painted houses made this a magical and colorful place, a feast for the eyes. We strolled through the town square. 
Well folks enjoy the photos and I am a bit tired. Tomorrow we are up early for disembarkation and then a train ride to Rome. Not sure how much blogging I will be able to do on our land tour, but you know I will give it that old college try! 
I have had over 5000 page views during our journey. The most I have ever had in a thirty day period. I am thrilled that you have followed our journey. It has been my honor to share our adventures with all of you! 

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TexWisGirl said...

just nothing like it any where else, i'm guessing.

Cent4urThoughts said...

Such beautiful pictures!! I'm happy you had a nice journey and thanks for letting us follow you! :)

xoxo Cent4urThoughts

Charlotte Wilson said...

Now you have done it. I am going on Holland America's website right now and see what we can afford. LOL

Reena Walkling said...

So enjoying your trip through your eyes. Photos are awesome!

MarmePurl said...

one cannot do better than being in harmony with the creative soul

sharon said...

sigh love !!!!

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