Saturday, May 4, 2013

Life Aboard Ship!

Indonesian Buffet

Internet Cafe & Library 
Observation Deck, The Crow's Nest
Hubby, he can sleep anywhere at any time of day! So lucky! 

Leaning against a dew drenched railing, aft outside deck, I marveled at the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Where for miles and miles, only water and sky shall meet. Cloud formations are the only interruptions, showing themselves off quite proudly. A subtle contrast to the numerous shades of blue that surround me. The morning sun makes it’s grand entrance from the eastern sky, creating dancing, diamond laden fairy’s, upon the ocean’s surface. Forcing me to wear sunglasses, for sure. The air is warm, hovering around 75 degrees, daily. The smells of the sea are invigorating and the breeze against my cheeks, refreshing. The taste of the air, yes salty! The soft sounds of the ship, parting the unsuspecting waters, barely audible. We fragment it’s Divine Solitude.
It takes a leap of faith to cross the Atlantic and it is certainly not for everyone, although I must admit, I don’t really understand. Why not? 

Mother Nature, has been most kind to us, calm and serene waters. Occasionally she lifts her frilly petticoat, then quickly straightens her outer garments, once again, prim and proper. We have seen only two ships since our departure on Tuesday and not one fish. It is Saturday, May 4th, our 5th day at sea. We are now two hours ahead of EST. Very surreal in a pleasant, soul searching kind of way. Hubby, describes it as “flat ass calm!”

Reflection time for me, thanking my Maker, for all the gifts and blessings in my life. My beautiful family, that I brag about way to often and all the positive people, He, has put into my step, enjoying the dance of life. “God, always sends me an angel, when I need one most!” I thank Him also for the negative, difficult people. They are there to teach me to deal and cope with circumstances far beyond my control. Tolerance and understanding from whence each came, are on my list of lessons, to be learned or earned. Also not being quite so sensitive and taking everything to heart, would be nice! This is a tough one for me! Maybe it is part of my artist’s soul and temperament??? 

The crew aboard ship is made up of twenty five nationalities. They are so kind and work so very hard to please us. There is something to do every minute of the day. We have enjoyed great entertainment, seminars, current movies, wine tastings, flower arranging cooking and computer classes, etc. etc. We saw, The Life of Pi, the other day. Not the best movie to view while on a cruise ship. I really must say, that I enjoyed it immensely! Hubby, not so much! I promise to make it up to the gym really soon!!! Honest!!! 

The food! Did I mention the food? Incredible!! They are setting up some sort of buffet bar, right in front of me, as I write this post, poolside. Wish I could say that I was hungry or even felt a twinge! Decadent and sinful! OK, maybe just a small bite!

There are many guests from Canada aboard ship, although they come from all walks of life. Mostly retired! The longer the cruise, the older the crowd, is my general rule of thumb. So many traveling experiences to be shared and they are so willing to share. I have seen some younger families as well, however, I would say that the average age is 65, give or take a few. Some even in their nineties, bet this is cheaper than a nursing home. By far! Hope I can do the same some day? Maybe with a few of my great grand-children and great-grandpa too!

There is also a seeing eye dog, aboard. Now, this leaves me with a few pondering questions? Where does this animal relieve itself! Surely, someone has that all figured out.

We will stop first in the Azores, for two days, then two more days at sea. Once we reach Spain, we will visit a port of call, everyday for thirteen out of the remaining sixteen days. God, grant me the stamina! I just know that I can!
Namaste! Did I mention they have yoga too? Have a wonderful and peaceful week!

To my fellow bloggers and friends: I am creating this post on my hard drive and will copy and paste later to my post browser, when there might be greater connectivity. I apologize for not commenting or answering any of your questions. Thanks for understanding!

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TexWisGirl said...

i've gained 4 lbs. just reading this and thinking about all the food. :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Sounds like you are having a marvelous time! Namaste. I do yoga too!

Amy Burzese said...

Lovely photos here and the last few posts. Have.A.Wonderful.Trip

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Looks like you are living large! So much color and food and fun. But me? I'd be in the internet cafe most of the time. Unless there were birds to look at from the ship's rail. lol

Debbie said...

all i can say is WoW, i may have to adjust my thinking toward a cruise, it looks fabulous!!

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