Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Old City
Old City
Old City
Folkloric Dancers
St. Blaise Catholic Church...
Old City

Panoramic views....

Panoramic views....
Panoramic views....

We arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Saturday, May 25, 2013. First morning photo, 7:10AM. Very picturesque and mountainous views, a light rain was falling. Rain jacket for sure! We turned our clocks back one hour and are now six hours ahead of EST.
Croatia, is located on the Adriatic Sea and is nicknamed, The Pearl of the Adriatic. Croatia is a very popular tourist destination and relies heavily on tourism. The language is Croatian and the currency is kuna. They would accept credit cards and also euro, but you have to ask for your change back in euro. They may or may not have it. We had just enough euro to buy one scoop of gelato apiece, no change required. The calorie gods were with us! 
There are over 1000 islands in Croatia, however only 65 are inhabited, according to our guide Emanuel. We booked a tour through Holland America to the Croatian Riviera. 
We first toured the Old City of Dubrovnik. The walls around the city are towering and were built to protect the city from it’s enemies. We have visited a few medieval villages and fortresses and none can compare in height, to the walls of the Old City. 
The main religion here is Roman Catholic and there are thirty Catholic churches in Dubrovnik alone. St. Blaise, is their patron saint and there are many statues of St. Blaise about town, Emanuel said. 
Walking through the walls of the Old City, was an awe inspiring experience. I have never seen such a great deal of limestone all in one place. It must have taken many years and man hours to cut limestone blocks and then place them strategically. This would be a great subject to google. The churches and alleyways were filled with tourists. Shops and cafes were bustling with business. 
We then experienced a folkloric dance and music of the region. Very entertaining, the costumes and energy of these young people, most impressive. 
We took a nosebleed ride up the mountain to the village of Cavtat. Stopping at a panoramic viewpoint along the way. Breathtaking! The red tiled roofs, enhanced the electric blue of the Adriatic Sea. A very beautiful view of the Old City and mountainous landscape. We had 45 minutes to view the seaside town of Cavtat. Very quaint and serene. We visited the local church and later strolled along the promenade. 
Now I’m not complaining, but, refreshments were supposed to be served with this tour and they were not. Like I need more freaking refreshments, at this point in my life. Figure I could walk across Europe, swim the Atlantic and I just might work off some of the calories I’ve consumed, in the last twenty eight days. Can’t blame my thyroid on this one, kids!!! I Will say something to the excursion department, but not expecting any refunds. Just like to get what we pay for!!! 
The sun did finally make an appearance and it was very warm. An occasional cloud would meander by and cool things down a bit.
The ride back to ship was relaxing and we enjoyed lunch aboard ship! 
Tomorrow back to Venice, our final day! We have a tour booked to Murano and Burano, we stay overnight here. We disembark on Monday, early morning, then taking the train back to Rome. We stay overnight in Rome, at the same hotel where we will meet our land tour on Tuesday. Nervous about the transition, but will just try and go with the flow. 
Yes I can, I know I can! 

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Carola Bartz said...

It's good to see that tourism is back at Dubrovnik. They really need all of this. It also looks like they did a wonderful job in rebuilding after the terrible war that is not that long ago. Your photos are beautiful, and Dubrovnik looks almost like before the war. It is such a beautiful destination. said...

Panoramic views. So clear and close. Liked the old buildings and church.

Very beautiful!

Charlotte Wilson said...

Croatia looks like a gorgeous place. St. Blaise is the saint of sore throats. Once a year on St. Blaise day the priest will bless our throats with 2 candles.
Are you ever coming home? :o)

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