Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amalfi Coast, Naples, Italy

Mt. Vesuvius
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Village
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast 
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Village

Monday, May 20, 2013. We arrived in The Port of Naples, Naples Italy. First morning photo, 6:45AM. The views are spectacular from either side of the ship! Truthfully 
I‘m exhausted but ready to go, hoping my adrenaline doesn’t expire any time soon! Amazing how new adventures will fuel enthusiasm and energy. 
The day was warm and sunny, with very little wind. We booked a tour through Holland America to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento! Our guides name was Maria and the driver Johnny! 
Naples, is a city I have dreamt about visiting for years. It is said to be the birthplace of pizza pie! My expectations were met and then some. Driving from port to Sorrento was an unusual and visually diverse experience. It ran the gamut of old limestone structures, painted in drab shades of pollution, to the most beautiful pastoral landscapes I have ever seen! Church steeples and an occasional castle or fortress interrupted the serenity of the horizon and azure skies. Architecture ranging from, Medieval to Renaissance to Baroque periods. A very mountainous region, hosting Mt. Vesuvius, a still active volcano. It last erupted in 1944. 
We arrived in Sorrento and visited Cuomo’s Lucky Store. They specialize in handmade furniture, all created with inlaid woods. Truly, fine works of art. Forty thousand dollars, will buy you a dining table and eight chairs, shipping included, right to your door. The intricacy of the artisans work, truly substantiates the price. A lot out of my price range, however.
We then had lunch with our group and sat with a couple from Jacksonville, Florida, the other from Australia. The wine flowed freely and we had a lot of laughs. Lunch was delicious too! 
We then stopped at an overlook in Sorrento Bay! Spectacular and panoramic views! 
Mama Mia! OMG, the ride up to the Village of Amalfi, was one of the most visually electrifying, exhilarating experiences, I have ever had! It was definitely a check your underwear, rosary bead, Hail Mary journey! A two lane road twisted and turned all the way up! I could have touched the sky! Cars were passing the bus and we won’t even mention the crazy scooter people. NUTZ!!! Horns, yes, they were a blowing! Some sign language too! 
The scenery all consuming! I didn’t really mind that my life could end in an instant, my fear of heights vanished. Had we gone over the cliff, I’m sure my shutter button would have still been clicking, trying to capture that one last shot. 
My eyes took over my timid ears and captured my heart! I drank it in, tried to digest it and let it fester in the lining of my soul. My sense of taste would have to trust my other senses into believing that this was the most magical place on earth! This is where I am meant to be, in this very moment of time.
Amalfi Village itself, was a fairy tale, all unto it’s own, I was living in a postcard. Church bells ringing, people enjoying and I savoring this glorious gift. We were at sea level and I’m not sure how that happened, don’t remember coming down. The wine had worn off, honest!
The ride back to port was restful and I’m sure we dozed for a while. It was an eight hour tour all total.
Reality check: My feet planted firmly back down aboard ship, I will admit that my photos are not as magical as I would have hoped. The bus in motion, could not stop en route and many captures were taken through the windows. Glare, even without the flash. I deleted at least fifty photos.
Off to Sicily tomorrow, Tuesday. A welcomed day of rest on Wednesday, then on to Greece.

Lessons Learned: You know you’ve had to much to drink, when in the restroom, you put your hands under the paper towel dispenser and hot air doesn’t come out!!! 

Wisdom: O God, reality is going to suck! Lucky for us, our lovely family will soften the blow! I know my son-in-law can’t wait!!!!

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sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.

Breath taking.

TexWisGirl said...

just incredible!~

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Your photos look beautiful to me, even through the bus window. The Amalfi Coast has been a dream destination for hubby and me for many years. Enjoy.

Lisa Gordon said...

Such beautiful photographs, Rosemary.
Thank you for sharing them here!

Charlotte Wilson said...

Rosemary, When you get home you need to publish this in a book, for yourself and family. It is an incredibly beautiful adventure that you have been on and your writing is superb! i would like a copy. :o)

MarmePurl said...


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