Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The christening party/unveiling of “Tee or Tea” went extremely well. To be perfectly honest, I have been recuperating ever since! I should also mention that our daughter and friend are here visiting. Her friend April has been recently transferred to Florida due to her employment. We have looked at over thirty houses in the last several days. April has signed a purchase and sales agreement and has made an incredible choice.

My heartfelt thanks to Suzanne Cummings and her husband Dick for hosting this magical event. The food was incredible. Cooking, besides decorating, is also one of Suzanne’s many talents. 

About sixty people attended the event. The unveiling took place after everyone had eaten and was settled with a beverage of their choice. Champagne was then served and Suzanne gave a sincere toast. She complemented all the talented people in her life, but said that I touched her heart the most with my art. What greater compliment can an artist receive! She has touched my soul and cemented the fact that I am on the correct path. Making people happy with my art and getting paid for my achievements are quite the accomplishment for any artist.

So as promised, in a prior blog post, I reveal “Tee or Tea” in its entirety. Again, a special thank you to Mary Ann Coyle for getting this old bike rolling. My only regret is that Mary Ann was not here to enjoy the festivities.

I do apologize for the delay. However, life has an amazing way of just being life. Enjoy!

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