Monday, April 17, 2017

There's Always A Story!

Leader of the Pack

Beautiful Mary Ann
Sneak Preview: TEE or TEA

There's Always A Story:
It isn’t often that an artist has a living painting thrown right in front of his or her path! Driving out of the community to do some errands Will and I noticed a woman of interest riding a three-wheel bicycle.  She was dressed a bit eclectic but within the boundaries of acceptable Florida garb.

“STOP! STOP! I have got to take her picture,” I cried. I introduced myself as an artist and asked for permission to take her photo. I discovered her name to be Mary Ann Coyle and she lives only a short distance away from us. I had never seen or met her before.  She consented as long as I didn’t post a photo of her naked on Facebook. I assured her that, that would not happen. Hysterical!!! Obviously, she knew nothing about my style of painting. We are now friends on Facebook and hopefully will continue to be once she sees how I portrayed her.

I am assured that it was the straw visor adorned with pink silk flowers that first caught my attention.  A yellow long sleeveless cotton printed dress served as a coverup for her navy blue and pink floral bathing suit. Slip on white sneakers with a small shell pattern completed the Haute Couture. Her bright and beautiful smile bejeweled the entire vision.  We won’t even mention the bright blue noodle which rested comfortably in her bike’s carry all basket. She was on her way to noodle aerobics or at least I hope she was! 

Mary Ann began modeling and became quite comfortable with the whole photo-shoot, makeshift process.  I was confident that I had enough evidence to implement my idea of a bicycle built for two or a few.  My inspiration came from a French painter, Michel Boulet. I had the pleasure of viewing his work on a cruise that we had taken several years earlier.
I would share with Mary Ann the completed painting in a few weeks or so I aspired. As life would happen the few weeks turned into a couple of months.  Being retired can be very busy and honestly, I don’t know how I ever fit work in. 

The painting entitled “TEE or TEA” is a commissioned piece by a very beautiful lady who I recently met through mutual friends. My whimsical and colorful work bonded us immediately.  My new friend has a talent for decorating and she has captured the colorful spirit of Florida in her home. Suzanne needed something fun and long for above her couch.  Hence my idea was executed.  I will post the painting in its entirety once it is hanging on her wall.  A christening party and unveiling are planned for this Thursday evening. Champagne and all. What a riot!!!

It is truly magical how these events have come to fruition and I am fortunate enough to recognize them as blessings, smothered with an abundance of gratitude.  So kicked in the butt by the universe I began to focus and worked hard to engineer this painting. Also, to mostly figure out how to put a smile on the face of many. When women recognize their body parts in my work they giggle and identify.  It helps us to realize that growing older with a few extra pounds enhanced by cellulite does not define our worth! 

In my third trimester of life, I realize that there is still so much life to live and my purpose defined. Keep that fat jiggling long after you have stopped. Embrace your cellulite, stay active, eat healthily and yes, miracles can still happen at any age!!! This growing old stuff is really OK!!!

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joyfulartist said...

You finished it! Yay! Can't wait to see the unveiling.

MarmePurl said...

SO Happy to see you again here in bloggerland. Indeed life is grand no matter what the age. Capturing that spirit in you lovely paintings is a joy to see.

suzanne said...

So excited to be a part of this!!! Makes me want to do the same!!! Thank you Rose!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Thank You Suzanne for your kind comment!!! Glad you enjoyed it. More to come‼

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