Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ruling The Roost In Old Key West!

Hey Lady!!!
Take My Picture... Already!

OK, That's Better! I think You Got It!
We were enjoying a scrumptious and relaxing breakfast at the Blue Heaven Restaurant in Key West, Florida, when this very demanding and colorful rooster decided to join us. Subtle would not be a word to describe his commanding performance! Belting out a familiar tune, as only a rooster can do, my full attention was focused on his magnificence. 
My camera did it's job as Mr. Rooster approached, posed, then quickly moved on, our breakfast resumed! 
This is our sixth visit to The Conch Republic and I must say that each time I visit it is like my very first. The energy that this wonderful place possesses is like no other. A photo opportunity awaits with every turn, may it be a newly discovered secret path or beautiful little garden just waiting to be captured. Sunsets are mesmerizing, people applaud it's grandiose departure while enjoying the sights on Mallory Square, a daily celebration. 
Key West, a fun place to visit, a place we will never tire of, a place where fond memories are born, always to be cherished!

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Susan Roux said...

Oh you make me want to go visit! Love the rooster. Will you be painting him?

hootnonny said...

Great shots of the narcist! This rooster reminds me of being attacked aand clawed by a rooster as a child (I was wearing red, which may be an old wife's tale!)

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Gosh, what a dramatic, colorful bird! How fun!!

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